Run Photoshop in a Browser with Mainframe2


As we all know, despite its name the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service is 95% subscription and just 5% cloud. Since launching the service Adobe has struggled to convince potential subscribers that in fact the Creative Cloud applications don’t run from the cloud — instead you download and install them locally as you would for any other desktop app. Which is a relief for most users but came as a disappointment for those who had hoped this would be a real alternative to the traditional Creative Suite download-and-install model.

Which it makes it all the more striking that startup Mainframe2 has announced a service that purports to run Photoshop from any HTML5-capable browser at least as fast, if not faster, than its desktop counterpart. In fact, you can apparently run any Windows application in a browser using this technology, although the demonstration in the clip below shows Photoshop in action. No plugins, no wacky client software. Just a browser, running on a PC or Mac, Chromebook, tablet or smart phone. And it doesn’t stop with Photoshop, with the firm claiming that, “Even highend workstation class applications that require dedicated GPUs such as advanced 2D and 3D design and visualization software can be delivered with complete fidelity to a variety of endpoints.”

No pricing has been announced, so it’s hard to know if this service will be open and accessible to everyone but if so, it could be a real game changer. You can sign up for the private beta on the Mainframe2 site.



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